Monday, December 6, 2010


Right now there is such a stirring in my heart … and I am hungry.  I want more of God.  There is a place in me that is not satisfied with anything but more of him … everything else … and I mean EVERYTHING else … is temporary and does not satisfy.  As the writer of Ecclesiastes said … it is meaningless … a vapour … a puff of smoke and gone.  But the one thing that remains is God.  He is my constant in a world that’s shifting … my solid ground when I am adrift on an ocean … he is vision when I cannot see … the words when I am speechless … he is my breath … my life … my all.  And I don’t have enough of Him.  There is still too much of me …

I want to walk through this world leaving deposits wherever I go … I don’t want to be a taker … I want to be a giver.  And I am stirring on things that have been in my heart and dormant for many years … I want to walk in his presence and know what it is to be his light in a dark world … that I would shine wherever I walk … that I would leave people with a taste of him that leaves them hungry for more.  I know he wants that.  I am feeling challenged to step higher, believe more and pursue with an attitude of expectation.  How about you?