Sunday, August 26, 2012


I have already written on the idea of seeing here.

But again, I find myself coming back to it.  In the video, I talk about a young North Korean man that I encountered on the side of the road one day on my first trip to North Korea.  I think of him often.  Perhaps it is because it is so easy to see past people to what we think they represent.  We lose their humanity.  Its so easy to have stereotyped views in our head ... whether they are political, racial, sexual orientation, or religious.  Bottom line is ... people are people and, they matter.

With the tune above, I have had a simple lyric in my head ... something along the lines of ...

I see a young man
On the side of the road
His smile …
Well it’s a mile
And his face is all aglow

Light dances
Moves as it will
I see you
And I know
He does too

This lyric ... the idea of seeing and connecting with people took me back to my first trip to Egypt.  There were so many photos I wanted to take but did not feel I could as I did not want to be offensive with my cameras.  One of those images that is etched in my mind is of a lady walking.  Like the young man in North Korea, we made contact without a word spoken.  I saw her.  Not the Muslim lady dressed in galabaiya, carrying her shopping on her head, but instead, her.  A fellow human traveling through life.  Much loved by God and of great value.  For an instant we connected.  Our paths crossed for a moment and light sparkled.

I came back from Egypt and tried to create word pictures of the photos I had wanted to capture but didn't.  Her word picture is simply called "Lady"

I see you
Gliding along the pavement

I see you
Your poise, posture and grace
Black galabaiya cannot hide you

I see you
strong and proud
crowned with dignity and your shopping
Provider for your family

I see you
Strong one

Green eyes meet brown
I smile
Light dances across your weary face

I see 


I guess this morning, I am thinking how we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image - it doesn't matter that we are imperfect with struggles and challenges.  Each of us is beautiful.  The challenge is ... can we look past the baggage or the surface and see the beauty within.  We are all cracked pots ... none of us is flawless ... realize that our simple cracks are ways for the light within to shine out.