Friday, November 19, 2010

Have some Fun Giving!

Meet Shaun Groves.  He writes an excellent blog which I have been lurking on (reading and not posting ... - NOT stalking ;) ... ) for the past year or more.  I really like his honesty about life, his heart for God ... his heart for his family and his desire and desire to make a difference in the world.  He has raised a lot of awareness for Compassion.

Anyway Shaun is a musician and has in his heart to make a new record - which costs $$$!  At present he is fundraising to make his new record and I just love his idea.  And ... his heart comes through in terms of he is looking for fun creative ways to give back even as he is asking for support.  LOVE IT ...

So my blog friends ... I wanted to encourage you to be a part of this ... just a little from a lot of us, goes a long way ... and how fun to be the answer to prayers from someone you don't even know ... VERY COOL.

Check it out here and be stirred to give a little and have fun :)



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thought For The Day

Hi.  I am in Romania right now ...  and doing some thinking.  Today I had a chat with a friend in Melbourne and we were discussing the things that we feel God has placed on our hearts ...

I have been reflecting on Korea and thinking how for me, in many ways, it has been nine years of stripping.  Everything I was passionate and fulfilled in - stripped away.  Many times over the years I have wondered why ... why am I in this country (Korea?).  It seems a paradox that God would take us from somewhere where we were feeling fulfilled and used and then strip us ... 

Friday night, I was in a car driving to Brasov for the weekend and had very long talks with a new friend all the way up and back (well ... she mainly talked and I listened) ... and I talked to her about how one of the things that I had learnt during a time of stripping and being in a somewhat dry place, was the importance of being able to dig my own wells.

So how do my friend in Melbourne, reflecting about Korea and driving to Brasov all tie together?

My friend in Melbourne referred to a conference where she was challenged and impacted by a speaker whom I looked up ... and I came across this - you join the rest of the dots!

Moses was the only one among the Israelites with any desert training. Prophets and pioneers always go through things ahead of time on bealf of themselves and the wider company of people.  It was in his own exile that Moses developed his personal inner resources to learn how to live in a hostile environment.  Our personal inner resources before God are then used by Him to develop the corporate inner resources of the company of people traveling with us.

People grumble and complain in the wilderness because they have no desert training, a poor relationship with God, and little trust in leadership.  Moses represents the indwelling Christ in touch with the Holy Spirit.  We must learn to live with and serve the “great I Am.”  (Graham Cooke - Transition Pt 2.)

I am thinking ... how about you?