Monday, August 20, 2007

Modern Day Vampires

Okay ... this is probably not going to be the most thought provoking blog! But we might draw something out of it ... let's see how it unfolds! If not thought provoking, it will share a wee cultural experience for you.

This morning I had to go to the hospital for a blood test. Just a wee blood test ... but for me ... a HUGE deal! I absolutely hate needles - I am phobic about them. Probably being held down to get shots as a child and having people LIE to me, telling me that it won't hurt a bit, did not help. Last night I had vivid dreams. I dreamed of people shoving drip needles into my hands and me freaking out! I woke up and didn't even make the connection until I was on my way to the hospital. Suddenly I put two and two together (DUH) and realised I was stressing while sleeping!

So, a blood test in Korea. Let me educate you! If you have been for a blood test in a western country, you are probably used to walking in to a soothing office. You wait in the waiting room, and then are gently ushered into a room where you sit on a comfy chair with a padded arm rest. You are gently reassured and blood is drawn. Not so in Korea! Let me describe my morning!

I arrive at the international clinic and am taken around to a cashier to pay. We then walk to the blood test area and as we round the corner, I smell it. The smell of the antiseptic solution they wipe your arm down with. The smell of fear. I walk to a machine, take a number and then sit in a chair to wait. What is my view? The busy corridor of a hospital ... people strolling past in pajamas ... drips attached ... braces on ... all sorts. This is fine. What is not fine, is that in front of me through the glass, like two sides of a square is a production line. Modern day vampires ... whipping out big shiny needles ... vaccumn tubes ... tying rubber tourniquets around people's arms ... squeezing the life out of them ... barbaric needles biting into veins and blood spurting ... all of which is highly reassuring to someone with a needle phobia. I really have to psych myself up to do these tests and it does not help doing it in such a public forum. One day I even had a Korean man standing over watching it all with great interest (yes blood from a white person is the same colour sir ...) and LAUGHING at my distressed face. This morning, my vampire was in a hurry. I stopped her and made her look at me ... I am a person and I am worried. I conveyed this by pantomime and she stopped enough to say, "don't worry" before sticking me with the needle. Vampires ... I shall go with garlic and crosses next time.

Can I make a spiritual parallel here? Yes I think so ... we all have blood and we all have time. Today I had my blood sucked, but everyday we have our time sucked! What drains your time? Are you over committed? Do you have people who you are trying to help who continue to drain time from you and never change? Are you drained? You need to take charge and be careful. Like blood, time is limited ... be careful how you use it!


Sharon said...

My husband is the same way about needles. I just don't want to have to look.
Good segway. I guess we all have a modern day vampire in our lives.
Good reminder to carry our garlic (God) with us.

Karen said...

Yeah, I felt faint just reading it. I hate needles. I did not enjoy all the blood tests I had to have during my two pregnancies, especially my first pregnancy which had lots of complications and I needed lots of blood tests. My veins collapsed and they had to keep trying to find a place to take blood. What works for me is laying down when my blood is taken, then I am fine, but if I sit up I faint - not sure why.

Wow, this theme is coming up about people who do not change, sucking the time and resources. My cousin Ally (Ally's Antics) on my links recently linked a post called "Who's on your front row" which talks along these lines.

Glad that is all behind you, it sounded anything but NZ MedLab!

BunnyGirl said...

Wise words. Like you, I absolutely hate needles and bloodtests are a nightmare. But I am truly grateful for western medicine and the care that I get as I am known to be nervous. I'm worse with dentists. Love how you tied this into vampires of time.

Danifesto said...

I don't like the needle thing either. Never have. The first/only time I gave blood, almost passed out! Hang in there Sarah!

Claire said...

what a hoot! i so wonder if this is what people expect to read after they find you after a search for modern day vampires!!!