Sunday, September 2, 2007

Prayers Needed!

Hi Blog Buddies

This is my niece Ruby ... isn't she gorgeous! THis picture was taken back in March at my brothers wedding but it is very typical Ruby. She is laid back and has the most beautiful infectious smile. She is a gem. Ruby is 14 months old. She is about a month out of being in a body cast for three months due to a displaced hip and surgery. She came through it like the wee trooper she is ... always smiling and laughing. Just a happy wee soul.

This morning my mother called me early and told me that Ruby has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. She had been running a fever for a few days and they took her in to hospital - they diagnosed and put the whole family on a plane to another city and to another hospital. Apparently they will be there for at least a month. At this stage we are still waiting on tests etc but please pray for them ... Ruby, Tony and Claire and her older sister Maggie.

I will keep you updated as I can ... thanks for your prayers

Love S


Karen said...

Oh what a beautiful wee girl, and what sad news. I will pray for her, and her family.

Sharon said...

Praying for this sweet little one.

Karen said...

Do let us know when you have any further news. I just felt so moved by Ruby, having the cast all that time and the Op and then this news. Still praying.