Monday, May 19, 2008

Health Prayer Update

Hi All

Just a quick update on those of you that have prayed for Ruby or me!

Continues to have her up and down journey. She is a wee trooper and still smiling. The past month or so, she has been really neutropenic which means her immunity has been right down. They are just coming into flu season in NZ so are being really careful with her. Your prayers are definately helping and her family are in good spirits!

I had a meeting with my endo last week and my tumour has reduced in size by 2mm which is wonderful. I asked if this meant we would be reducing my meds (which my endo had mentioned several times) but she said I will probably be on them at this level for another few years. Currently I am doing way better emotionally but am still getting lots of headaches and very very tired. It's hard to explain tired because at the moment we are 4 weeks off the end of the school year and everyone is really tired. So the only way I can describe it is, take that tired, add another level onto that from my meds, and another level on that from anaemia!

Anyway, I am thanking God that my tumour is responding to meds and thanking him that I have the meds I want! Praise him with me.




Demara said...

it's so good to hear your tumor has shrunk a bit! Praise God!!!

fireball said...

kia ora!

yay God that things are shurnk!

and will pray for ruby.

it is getting cold here in NZ!

so what are you going to do for hols???

blessings, and big kiwi hugs, claire

Mel's World said...


I am SO glad to hear that the tumor is responding to the meds!!! What great news!

Take care of yourself!

Mel's World said...


Haven't seen you in a are you feeling?