Saturday, September 19, 2009


New song ... one day I will figure out how to record and put them on as audio files ... but for now lyrics will have to suffice. It's a slow, very simple, heart song ... a prayer. Maybe it resonates with you? If so ... be encouraged because he does promise that springs will well up in the desert and he also promises that he will send the rains ...


In this desert place
Lord I seek your face
Come rain … on me
Rain … on me

In this dry and barren land
Lord reach out your hand
Come rain … on me …
Rain … on me …

Lord I need you
And I want you
Rain … on me
Rain on me …

You’re my lover
There’s no other
Rain … on me
Lord, Rain on me

You’re the one who can satisfy
Living water, come bring new life

Let it rain
Streams of living water flow
Come rain
On me …
Let it rain
I stretch my hands
Cry out for you
My rain
Come rain
On me …

Lyrics and Music. Copyright S Carpenter September 2009


Jessica said...

Beautiful! I can hear a song behind it, and I love the words. Perfect timing.

A Captured Reflection said...

Awesome. I'm sorry it's been such a dry time for you and no pressure that you blog or share - but just to say you are missed and hoping all is going well where you are and with your work and all.

From one who has found 2009 pretty tough with the onset of an early menopause - it was all over for my Mum aged 48 and here I am 42 with crazy hormonal stuff and changes, I know that dry bleuch feeling to some degree.