Friday, November 19, 2010

Have some Fun Giving!

Meet Shaun Groves.  He writes an excellent blog which I have been lurking on (reading and not posting ... - NOT stalking ;) ... ) for the past year or more.  I really like his honesty about life, his heart for God ... his heart for his family and his desire and desire to make a difference in the world.  He has raised a lot of awareness for Compassion.

Anyway Shaun is a musician and has in his heart to make a new record - which costs $$$!  At present he is fundraising to make his new record and I just love his idea.  And ... his heart comes through in terms of he is looking for fun creative ways to give back even as he is asking for support.  LOVE IT ...

So my blog friends ... I wanted to encourage you to be a part of this ... just a little from a lot of us, goes a long way ... and how fun to be the answer to prayers from someone you don't even know ... VERY COOL.

Check it out here and be stirred to give a little and have fun :)



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