Monday, January 28, 2008

4 Things Meme

Okay ... I don't normally do these as I try to keep my blog devotional ... but here goes ...

4 jobs I've had:
- Teacher
- Toilet Cleaner (yes, child creche cleaner - 40 toilets every night - ugh)
- Plant seller (know nothing about plants - FAST learner!)
- Church Leader/Intern/Missions Worker (working full time at church)

4 movies watched over and over:
- The Matrix
- The Thomas Crown Affair
- Roswell (does the boxed DVD TV series I own count?)
- A Knights Tale

4 places I've lived:
- Seoul, Korea (current location)
- Valbonne, France (South of France ... suffering for my masters!)
- Alberta, Canada (Rotary Scholarship)
- New Zealand

4 shows I watch:
- House
- Numbers
- *Anything I can find in English on the TV ... lots of channel surfing involved ...

4 places I've been: - (okay I took a bit of liberty here ;) )
- Europe - England, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Rep., Hungary,
- Middle East - Turkey, Egypt
- Asia - Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand
- Other - Canada, USA (incl Alaska & Hawaii), NZ, Fiji, Australia

4 people who email me regularly:
- Mum
- Ang
- Julie
- work (enough of those ones!)

4 favorite things to eat:
- fresh pineapple
- cadbury's dairy milk chocolate
- Granite (a frozen slushy southern italian drink made out of fresh lemons)
- Turkish/Middle Eastern food

4 places I'd rather be:
- Sorrento, Italy
- Kayaking Northern Vancouver Island
- My Beach! (Otaki Beach, NZ)
- Sailing on the South Turkey Coast

4 things I look forward to this year:
- holidays!
- a music jam on my birthday
- a visit to Phoenix?!
- a new country to explore

4 people to tag:
- think they are all done! - if not and you are reading this ... YOU!


Karen said...

Loved your 4 things..I've done mine somewhere way back. Anyway, very interesting to hear you've lived in France and Canada, as in would love to hear more abot it. 40 toilets a night...could give a girl nightmares.

sassiekiwi said...

40 toilets a night wasn't the nightmare ... the way I was treated (as if I was thick, uneducated and unworthy as a mere cleaner) and the nappy bin were where the nightmares came from! The staff used to throw the diapers in a huge rubbish bin. We would line it with a liner and every day they would push the liner down to the bottom of the bin which would mean to empty it we had to plunge our arms down through all those diapers to the bottom of the bin and then pull it up around the diapers (the bin was two heavy to lift). We asked them multiple times not to do this and explained how we had to put our arms down in it all ... the response was always, "we don't care. It's your job!" Yes ... many lessons in humility there ... but i always worked overtime, and left with things shining and satisfaction that I did a good job. I have a LOT of sympathy for cleaners - often the expectations are unrealistic for the time given.

Deb said...

Well It has been great to learn some things about you, I also clean right now, so I can relate!! Well you have been tagged for a 6 things meme, come see me:)

Mel's World said...

That was AWESOME!

Holy smokes chickie you have been to a lot of places! I will have to let you know when I get my passport (hopefully this week) and start knocking on the door to some of those really great places!

It is so great to learn more about you!!!


Danifesto said...

Oh the SIGN OF FOUR questionnaire! I did this and saved it on my MySpace blog because it kept coming back to my email box! You'll be glad you posted this because next time you can just copy and paste and save oodles of time!

BunnyGirl said...

Always good to learn things about people and boy have you travelled. The nappy thing sounds disgusting. Having worked as a chambermaid for a hotel in my teens, I am usually pretty tidy when I stay in a hotel because I know I used to hate the messes people left

sassiekiwi said...

Hi BG and Mel ...

Yes I have travelled and the problem is ... the more you do it ... the more you want to see! I love to travel ... I am a bit of a cheap skate traveller - am very good at doing it for few pennies ... my criteria for a room is clean and quiet ... so I don't tend to stay in those big hotels ... since I am sleeping there only, I would rather put the money into seeing more.

Anyway, travel is one of the joys of living an expat lifestyle. It opens your eyes to the world and helps you see from outside of your own country/cultural perspective. I try to meet locals and when I do and we dialogue ... its always interesting. To see from someone elses perspective is eye opening.