Monday, January 28, 2008

Well ... DUH! ... and THANKS!

Hi all

Its currently 2am and I cannot sleep. My body is buzzing ... this was a symptom for me quite a few months last year ... part of the problems arising from my pituitary tumor. However since this type of symptom has next to gone since I started my meds, I have to put it down to the foolishness of drinking not one, but TWO cans of diet coke while playing cards with friends tonight. I am not a coffee drinker and have coke as an occasional treat so ... here we are ... thinking of you all!

Okay ... the above is not the DUH referred to in the heading! The DUH ... is THIS! I have been feeling a wee bit puzzled and discouraged that no-one has been stopping by to leave comments on my blog ... my favourite bit of blogging is the interaction with YOU - the reader ...

So since I am awake and I have something on my heart (next blog), I thought I would start to blog my next blog. Instead I log in and find 16 comments awaiting moderator approval! DUH! I forgot I had to change the settings to this because some stinker spammed my blog!

So here I am in the wee hours of the morning with a BIG smile on my face at your thoughts and introductions. Thankyou one and all ... i will get around to answering these soon. But in short, yes Claire, I am back in Korea and it has been FREEZING ... with the wind chill, quite a few days last week were around -20C. Makes me want to break out in a round of "BrrrRRRR, it's cold in here! There must be a clover in the atmosphere! I said now, BRRRRRR, it's cold in here ..." (see you get me manic when its the middle of the night!).

In answer to those who have been asking about darling wee Ruby, she is a little honey. Her chemo is going well. She is in the midst of a particularly nasty round of treatment that can give her ulcers down her aesophogus and mouth. I think she has three of these treatments left and as of yet she has not got ulcers so this is something to thank God for. She has had several bad infections the last month which has resulted in hospital stays and gastric tubes.

Alrighty ... thats the quick news updates ... Look out for my next posting ... either I will be so wired I will finish it tonight or it will be up in the next few days!


Karen said...

I had the same thing a couple of days ago, got spammed, changed to moderate comments and thought - where's everyone gone?

Thanks for letting us know about Ruby.

Ever since your post on 'breathe' I keep thinking emissions. The day after I read your post a strange sign showed up on my out the manual 'emissions trouble', get car checked out if sign doesn't go, stop driving if it flashes. It stopped completely never back again, but most days I wake up with 'emissions' as my first thought. So will have to see what in particular I need to know about this. xx

Danifesto said...

Oh dear! Yeah sometimes when I get the "nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms" feeling, I'm reminded that 99% of the time IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. :)