Monday, March 31, 2008


Hi All

I am back home ... got home yesterday morning. Sat down this morning to write a blog (and not the post I have been mulling over) and a friend called, so now it will have to wait! Watch this space!

Anyway, thank-you for your prayers and thoughts shared while I was in Cambodia. I can tell you that it was fruitful time for me spiritually. I heard from God ... I am still hearing and praying and processing.

For those of you that have not been there, Cambodia is a beautiful country that has suffered much in very recent history. The atrocities of the Khmer Rouge defy description and it is one of the worst genocides in history - not one family was left untouched. What is amazing to me is that noone has really been brought to justice, although they are just about to start a war crimes commission. What this means is that back in the villages, people live side by side with those who killed, informed and committed attrocities. Wrongs have not been addressed, people have compartmentalized and moved on.

The Cambodian people are lovely ... very warm and friendly - but very poor. My friends took me out into one of the rural villages to meet some of the people they work with and I was privileged to sit with them and talk about God. They love to hear stories and I love to tell them... so it was a match made in heaven!

It was a great trip ... refreshing, interesting and one of the best times spiritually I have had with God for a long time. I am excited to walk with him and challenged. More about that later ...

Love Sarah

PS ... I did some great shopping and am very excited blog buddies because ... I shopped for you! There is a blog giveaway ... COMING!


Karen said...

Welcome back. It sounds like it's been an amazing trip and God speaking to you too...can't wait to hear all about it.

Claire said...

sarah babe! yay! welcome home!

hey - i just got totally moved by a new ad on tv for shave for a cure for cancer... so moving... makes me pray each time for your ruby...

blessings, claire

Demara said...

ooo that's exciting about the blog give away and about the people in Cambodia! The picture of the little girl is so cute too and I can't believe the eccentricity of the way the villages are set up. Talk about living out forgiveness in such a tangible way! wow

sassiekiwi said...

Hi Demara ...

Yes ... it is a powerful testimony about forgiveness, and ironically, what I felt God tell me to share with the villagers about was forgiveness and grace. And duh ... I didn't even make the connection at that point about Khmer Rouge attrocities. I think the fact that it hasn't been addressed is actually not a good thing and people have not been able to talk and work through ... it's so horrible, it was pushed aside and so it still is there.

Mel's World said...


Welcome Back!!! I can't wait to hear more stories from your trip...I have never heard of anyone going to Cambodia (Africa, Peru, Haiti, yes, but Cambodia, not until you!).

Welcome Back!