Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out of Reach - but Reaching Out!

Hi All

Sorry I have not posted much lately ... been busy and very tired ... but my brain and my spirit are active! I am thinking ... and I have a post percolating. I am off to Cambodia for 10 days tomorrow ... will be leaving straight after school. I am visiting my friends Shane and Gaylene and their family who are missionaries there and then I will be heading up to Siem Reap for a few days on Wednesday. I am travelling by myself after I leave Shane and Gaylene and I have a two fold purpose in that. Please pray for the following things:

1. That I bring encouragement and refreshing to Shane and Gaylene - its been a LONG time since we have seen each other. They serve faithfully and it is hard at times to be out on the field pouring out without all the normal input one gets at home. I want to bring something from God for them.

2. My time in Siem Reap has several purposes. One is to rest. For me this means playing with my camera so I will be taking lots of pictures and wandering, and then sleeping! But something that is really strong in my spirit is that I want to hear from God. I will be away, by myself and I want and need to hear from him. Please pray he speaks to me. I am not even sure what it is I am needing to hear ... but i have a strong urge in my heart to put aside time to think, pray and listen to what he wants to tell me. (Claire ... I will be meditating on some things you wrote as well).

I have written to some close friends and asked them to pray for me over the next 10 days. I have also asked them if they would take time to listen to God for me too. I do not normally do that as i believe we should walk our own walks and hear our own words from God ... BUT I also believe in confirmation and so if you remember me, please pray.

Will be posting when I get back ...

Blessings to you all



Karen said...

Praying God's protection, grace and cover over you as you travel to Cambodia and see your friends and encourage them. I know what you mean about having your camera with you - balm to the soul indeed. I have had you in my thoughts off and on the last few days. I could be off the wall, but I had this feeling that your season in Korea could be coming to a close, and something 'new' arising in your life. Refreshing water, an oasis in a Desert. The Lord leading you by still waters, to refresh, restore and bless you. A time of blessing, a time of being close and resting in God's presence. Like a Honeymoon time. Hope this makes sense. Will be praying for you too.

Demara said...

Have a great trip Sarah! And I will pray when God places you on my mind. I will pray for safety right now and that you hear Him clearly speak to you. May you rest in peace and this trip re-energize you! Amen

Claire said...

hey babe - i am still and will be praying for you - that you hear God in the earthquake, in the fire, in the wind and in the quiet voice - in every way possible that you hear him and even in teh silence that you will rejoice in knowing he sees and knows and loves and cares and watches over you. you are a remarkable woman and i am so stoked that i can say i know you (both in blog land and real life!) i am richer for it so yay God! big kudos to Him! i pray that you also have some fun time and rst time and come back refreshed and revitalised and ready to go go go!

sassiekiwi said...

Thanks guys

Have just got to Siem Reap ... am hearing from God ... so keep praying! Cambodia is very interesting ... ahd a great time with my missionary friends and am now looking forward to down time here with God. It's VERY hot and humid ... bit of a shock after cold dry Korea.

freetofly said...

Hi SassieKiwi!

I don't get to come over very often. And I know we don't know each other. But, I love to hear what the Lord has to say through you. I love your spirit. So when I can, I pop over. I stopped right away and asked the Lord to speak to you, refresh you and visit you. And I have to say, The Honeymoon and such which Karen referred to just sparked when I read it, a new season of intimacy and doting on each other between you and the Lord...

Praying & looking forward to when you are reayd to post!

The Lord bless you and keep you!